The old elephant cooperates with the hyena to strangle the lion with its trunk so that 100 hyenas break in and break the lion’s leg.


Elephants are herbivores, congregating near water sources. Elephants are considered key species due to their significant impact on the landscape around them.

Other animals often keep their distance from elephants; The exception is predators such as lions, tigers, hyenas and wild dogs, which usually only stalk young elephants. But in this confrontation, 5 lions are attacking and trying to take down 1 adult elephant.

It seems that there was a pre-calculation from the lions, they attacked very fiercely on the vital places such as ears, trunk, tail and abdomen, causing the elephant to fall.

The old elephant’s cry for help alarmed the other elephants, they rushed to chase the lions and rescue the old elephant.

Faced with the pursuit of these ferocious elephants, the lions panicked and ran away, including the cubs, they are also in real danger.

The lion cubs are cornered, unable to run away. However elephants are not carnivores, they just seem to want to warn the lions.

So they did not attack the cubs, and continued to pursue the adult lions.

This time, the lions were taught a proper lesson by the elephants, and they had to climb a tree and run away.