The lion king lost humiliatingly to the grizzly’s champion martial artist when he hunted the poor grizzly bear cubs but was beaten up by the grizzly bear.


Grizzly bear is a large -sized meat -eating animal, weighing up to 360kg and a height of nearly 2 meters.

They are known to be able to hunt for large mammals, when available, such as deer horns, gray horns, reindeer, white tail, deer, large horns, bizon bulls

What if a gray bear confronted with a wild cat?

A lost gray bear lost mother is facing the first danger in life that is a mature cat.

Although the injury is equivalent, but the fighting experience of the baby bear has not yet, so it is overwhelmed by the wild cat.

The baby bear is in danger and screams. However, the mother bear was immediately present and discovered the incident.

With extraordinary strength and many years of fighting experience in nature, the mother bear easily overwhelms the wild cat.

The critical attacks of the mother bear made the wild cat stunned, grinded the face and could not resist.

Too scared, the wild cat fled very quickly into the deep forest, the mother bear has no reason to chase when the safety of the children is above all