The jaguar looked at the fat Otters in the river full of lust, rushed to attack to eat Otters because he was too hungry, but was brutally tortured by the Otters and almost died.


River otters are some of the most vicious and fearsome predators in the animal kingdom, and they have been known to take on some of the deadliest apex predators on our planet and emerged victorious.

Otters are a group of carnivorous mammals living in the water, their main food is fish, shrimp, shellfish…

The scene was recorded in the amazon mangrove area, a hungry leopard is hunting and entering the territory of the otters.

Leopard rushes at high speed and quickly captures 1 otter.

The otters immediately counterattacked, causing the leopard to lose its prey. they also quickly rescued the captured otter

The leopard also did not give up, it continued to find ways to attack the otters swimming underwater.

Leopard risked his life to jump into the water to attack the otters, he couldn’t believe that this was his wrong decision.

The otters do not hesitate to rush to scratch the leopard, seriously injuring it.
The battle ended, the leopard had to run away with a limp and severe wounds all over its body.