Smart grizzly bear punches 2 tigers in the mouth to survive when 2 tigers fight for a place to sleep


In this rare shot, two adult tigers confront an Asian black bear. Despite the bear’s menacing efforts, the tiger still approached and quickly controlled the prey with its strong muscles and sharp claws. In one segment, the tiger bit the back of the bear’s neck and tried to turn it upside down.

However, the bear’s strength and toughness help it hold out in battle. It can be seen that it actively gathers into a block so as not to get into dangerous situations, although this choice makes it almost impossible for it to harm the tiger.

After exhausting his strength but still not able to defeat the enemy, the tiger began to show a tired look, as if he wanted to give up. At this point, the bear regained the initiative. It uses its remaining breath to charge forward, forcing enemies to jump into a nearby river to retreat. Obviously, the tiger is strong, but still cannot easily deal with a strong opponent like a real “wrestler”.

The battle began when the Asian black tiger apparently tried to attack the cubs of two adult Bengal tigers. 2 tiger cubs are curious with the appearance of a black bear next to the lake and they are looking for an interesting game. But the black bear did not like the children and the tiger cubs ran away in fear.

Tigers vs. Bear: 2 Bengal Tigers Attack an Asiatic Black Bear

Immediately the adult tigers quickly joined and fought. The bear showed calm not late in the fight, it just made situations to avoid the tiger’s attack. After trying to avoid an unfavorable battle, the bear calmed the two tigers and all reconciled.

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