Recklessly robbed the giant hippos territory, lion was attacked by a crazy hippo to the point of almost losing his life


Hippos are known to be highly territorial, specializing in chasing any animal that enters their water territory.

They usually stay in the water all day and only come ashore at night to graze. Despite its massive body and extremely sharp teeth, hippos sometimes fall prey to lions.

Specifically, there are 3 adult male lions swimming across the river. However, they do not know that this stretch of river is the territory of an adult hippo.

Seeing someone trespassing on his territory, the hippo immediately got angry and rushed to attack.

Seeing the appearance of the hippo, a male lion quickly changed direction, leaving his fellow to confront the enemy.

With its jaws wide open, the hippopotamus attacked the nearest lion, forcing it to rush away.

The recorded image showed that the lion was approached by the hippo in panic. It tried everything to escape and climb ashore as quickly as possible without any resistance.

Fortunately, after several missed bites by the lion, the lion made it to shore safely and was uninjured in the brief encounter. Seeing the threat of retreat, the hippo also leaves in the other direction.