Mother ostrich calls on her fellow humans to use special skills to defeat cheetahs and hyenas to save their cubs in danger.


The battle for survival in the natural world is extremely harsh. Predators always take advantage of vulnerable times to eat them.

The mother ostrich in the following clip was ambushed by jaguars but still risked her life to protect her cubs.

The video of the dog saw, the ostriches were foraging when they were discovered by the jaguars, immediately the jaguars frantically chased and tried to kill the newborn ostriches.

Seeing that the cubs are in danger, the mother ostrich calls more teammates to help to rescue the cubs in danger.

The mother ostrich and its fellows use their long legs to attack, kicking the jaguars that dare to kidnap their babies.

The jaguars eventually left, but they did catch a few. But then the hyenas also came to get something but no success.

Watch the video below: