Baboons teamed up with their fellows to kill the mother leopard and then kidnap the leopard cub to raise


Baboons are omnivores, ranging from fruits and roots to birds, rodents, even the young of antelope and sheep. Baboons love to kidnap the young of carnivores to raise.

A horrifying scene in the wild was recorded by a tourist. A baboon has kidnapped a leopard cub and brought it back to his place to raise.

Specifically, leopards cubs have to stay at home for their mother to look for food. A baboon discovered the cubs, and it came up with the idea of kidnapping and bringing it back to its home.

The monkey made a quick move and then hugged a cub back. However, the monkey’s clumsiness killed the cub.

In addition, without the care of the mother as well as a milk source, the cubs had to die.

Meanwhile, the baboon is still carefree holding the leopard cub away from its nest. In the end, all the cubs died when they fell into the hands of the clumsy baboon.